Fundraising, Outreach & Promotion with Custom License Plates — The Easy Way

Here we discuss why to use a custom license plate as a fundraiser and/or promotional tool. Then, what we do to make it easy, and how our license plates — designed free by commercial artists — are geared to make it work for you.

For school, church, business, or nonprofit. Whether you’re doing business promotion or church outreach, or a school or nonprofit raising funds, the principles are the same. And, don’t forget to look over the tag designs on this page and others to get ideas for your own promotional/ fundraiser license plates, too.

Why Custom License Plates for Promotion or Fundraising?

Because you buy once, but get results for years. You conduct your fundraising or promotional effort one time. Then your custom license plates go to work day after day, year after year, mile after mile, getting ongoing name recognition for your organization. Wherever vehicles displaying your license plates drive, that’s where you’ll be seen. Think of custom car tags as mini-billboards that will work for you every single day for years.

You get repeat exposure — key to successful name recognition. As public relations professionals know, repeat exposure is the key to being not just seen, but remembered. If your purpose is long-term name recognition or outreach, car tags are an easy and cost-effective way to get such repeat exposure because they capitalize on your group’s numbers and varying locations.

They pay you back two ways. Custom license plates are a fundraiser that pays you back twice: once when the auto tags are sold and again when they go to work on your vehicles providing inexpensive name recognition. The cost per plate starts at about $3.00 to $4.00 for the minimum order of 125 one or two-color .055-gauge medium-duty polyethylene plastic tags, to as low as roughly $1.50 to $2.50 each for a few hundred. Or for flat aluminum or embossed aluminum auto tags, pricing begins at about $4.00 to $4.80 each for 125 one or two-color flat-aluminum tags, or $5.20 to $5.85 if embossed, going down to roughly $2.50 to $3.25 each for a few hundred flat-aluminum plates, or $3.25 to $4.00 if embossed. (See our handy price/features comparison chart for a quick yet comprehensive bird’s eye view of the full range of plate types we offer, along with their key features and volume price breaks.)

At a reasonable resale price of, say, $10 to $15 to your members (perhaps $20 for more well-off school districts), a church youth group, school, or other nonprofit organization conducting a fundraising drive can make anywhere from about $5 to $12 per sale. Then after that, each plate works to promote your group afterward on an ongoing basis for free at no added cost.

Why Leeward Productions for Your Fundraiser?

Free tag design. We go the extra mile to make ordering easy with free artwork, a real plus for smaller organizations with limited resources.

No design skills? No problem. Our experienced designers remove that barrier by making sure every customer gets a good tag design, whether you have design skills or not. Most often at no extra charge. (License plate design is free in about 90% of cases; a few exceptions when art is very complex.) And a well-designed auto tag means a better image and more effective name recognition for you.

Both aluminum and plastic plates available. Whatever your group’s budget, your anticipated buyers’ income levels, or the image you need to project, Leeward Productions offers the right plate type.

  • For inexpensive fundraisers primarily to raise money, our polyethylene plastic plates offer you a high profit margin. (And won’t yellow or crack like polystyrene plates often offered elsewhere, which aren’t really that much cheaper, and can make you look bad.)
  • Or for combined fundraisers/ outreach efforts where you want to leverage the long-term promotional value of your plates to the maximum, we offer durable aluminum plates for extra years of life, at surprisingly affordable prices.

For more about the above, see our discussion of aluminum vs. plastic car tags and the reasons for each.

Tag designs are kept on file permanently for easy reorders. If you need to order more, even years later, your design is safely kept and ready to go, so reordering is a breeze. Even better, reorders that reprint the same artworrk receive a $50 discount.

View your license plate design on the web within 3 business days. From the time you call, we’ll have your custom car tag design mocked up and online on short notice, so you can move ahead promptly if need be. Remember, we create the design for your car tags at no extra charge, whether you already have artwork in hand or not. Your church, school, business, sorority or fraternity... any organization you represent can be more visible easily utilizing custom license plates.

Call us at 8 00-33 0-82 47 to get started with your free design (phone hours Mon.–Fri., 8:30–5:30, Central Standard Time). Or email us if you prefer at . Just tell us what you need on your license plate, and we’ll get your school fundraiser, church outreach drive, or business promotion effort rolling soon. (Note the minimum order quantity — 125 plates in most cases, but depends on the plate type — before calling or emailing.)

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Plates Designed for Fundraisers

Click on plates for enlarged close-ups.

Downington Young

Downington Young Whippets custom license plates

Downington, PA

Upon This Rock Christian Church

Upon This Rock Christian Church custom license plates

Murfreesboro, TN

Museum of Art

Ringling Museum of Art custom license plates

Sarasota, FL

Eddie Lancaster

Friends of Eddie / Eddie Lancaster Foundation custom license plates

Media, PA

View more license plates...

Customer Comments

Good experience — I liked the continual feedback via email. Plates looked great and service was prompt.

Beth Carey, Sequoyah High Marketing, Sequoyah High School Chiefs, Canton, GA

Excellent and efficient service! Loved the design ideas! I can’t say enough about how professional and NICE you were. That’s very refreshing. I have given your website to other churches who thought our tags looked great. When they heard about the great rates they were shocked!

Rita Robinson, Mt. Wade Baptist Church, Brookhaven, MS

Thank you for your efficient service and superior-quality product. We will definitely use your services again. Many thanks.

Howard Wheeldon, Ringling Museum of Art, Florida State University, Sarasota, FL