FE Mittelschrift  |  1995–1997, Stephan Müller and Hansjakob Fehr, commercial.

FE Mittelschrift font specimen (full alphabet)

Font set contains two weights. The standard weight Mittelschrift is shown above. Engschrift is the condensed version.

About this typeface: Based on the typeface design notes at Lineto, designers Müller and Fehr apparently took it as a challenge when the German government unveiled its new, supposedly “unforgeable” number plate font in 1995. (The idea being that the quirky, inconsistent character constructions would prevent altering one letterform into another by using tape strips or paint to add or subtract character strokes. Refer to the main discussion of Germany’s number plates for more information about plate number falsification.)

Leapfrogging the whole idea of potential alterations to already-printed characters, the Lineto replica simply made available the entire font itself. Comparison of collectors’ photos of German plates with the typeface shows it to be a high-fidelity replica, basically impossible to tell from the original.

FE Mittelschrift also sports a lowercase not present in the original FE Schrift for more versatile use. Compared to Sauerkrauto, the other commercially typeface based on FE Schrift, which has a more regularized lowercase, Lineto’s version incorporates quirkier forms overall, resulting in a more informal feel.

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