Garage Gothic  |  1992, Tobias Frere-Jones, commercial.

Garage Gothic Bold font specimen (full alphabet)

Font family contains: 3 weights (Regular, Bold, and Black) including lowercase and full set of auxiliary characters. Bold weight shown.

About this typeface: Tobias Frere-Jones is one of the most accomplished and versatile type designers today, with a range extending from the subtle but demanding requirements of text faces for newspapers and magazines, to classic elegant titling types, even grunge fonts. While based on lettering found on parking garage tickets, Garage Gothic calls to mind the same type of look seen in license plate lettering. This is due in part to the restricted range of character widths and its effects on key characters such as the truncated central vertexes of M and W, as well as the similarly “industrialized” shapes of the numerals.

Garage Gothic comes in 3 weights — regular, bold, and black — with the bold weight shown here, which is closest to the proportions of license plate characters (although bolder than actual plate lettering). The design features nearly subliminal irregularities in some of the shape contours that give the face its gritty feel, plus slightly rounded-off corner junctures similar to old letterpress printing or the roller-coated inking effect that helps give embossed license plate lettering its industrial look.

Like all Font Bureau typefaces, the quality control and technical attention to detail are of the highest caliber, with full upper and lowercase characters and a complete range of auxiliary characters for maximum versatility in use.

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