Italian Plates 1999  |  2002, Michele Berionne and Brian Kent, free.

Plates 1999 font specimen (full alphabet)

Font consists of: One weight as shown with alpha characters and numerals only (no punctuation).

About this typeface: The year 1999 in the font name refers to the year Italy’s number plate font was last altered, which is the style this font replicates. Note that the Q in this version of Italy’s font and in Lineto’s version are different. Apparently the letters I, O, Q, and U were dropped from Italy’s plate numbering scheme when the new font was instituted, so the differing Q’s seem to reflect designers’ discretion here. The four characters are included in the font replicas, however, for the sake of completeness to facilitate general graphic design use.

Italy’s plates are based on DIN 1451 with some character changes. See our DIN 1451 page for additional notes.

To download this font:

Download note: On above page, click on the “Plates from 1999 to today” link near the top of the page to download font. On most browsers, things will work fine.

However, versions of Safari prior to v.5 may incorrectly load the .ttf font file as a web page with garbage text if you single-click on the link. In this case, instead of clicking on the link normally, control-click on the link, then select “Save Linked File....” The file will then download to your computer, albeit with two successive extensions at the end of the file name, i.e., as: “.ttf.txt”. Delete the “.txt” and then you’ll be able to use the font as you normally would.

We do not sell fonts ourselves or field questions about them.

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