License Plate  |  2005, Dave Hansen, free.

License Plate (Washington state) font specimen (full alphabet)

Font consists of: Single weight as shown. Capital letters and numbers only, plus a dot/dash character.

About this typeface: Modeled after the state of Washington’s license plates. Although the designer’s notes say little, the characters appear to be made from manually traced scans of actual plate lettering. There are some anomalies, however, such as the overly light G, which detract a bit from the overall effect. (Although for the types of graphic design projects that a font like this would normally be used for (headlines and other display typography), issues like this can usually be fixed without too much trouble on the fly by an experienced graphic designer.)

Nonetheless, as a free offering from an amateur font designer, this is not a bad effort. The realism of the font is high on the scale because of the scan-and-trace approach, so this typeface fills a worthy niche in what’s available. The characters, based on semicircular curves on top/ bottom, and an almost completely serifless alphabet (except capital I), are similar to a number of states’ fonts besides Washington’s.

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