Misproject  |  2001, Eduardo Recife, free.

Misproject font specimen (full alphabet)

Font consists of: One weight with alternate capital characters in the lowercase positions (uppercase positions shown above).

About this typeface: Apparently made from scans of actual license plates, either as-is or else grunged-up after the fact. The characters are all uppercase, and there are two versions of each character, one accessed by the uppercase character positions on the keyboard, the other version by the lowercase positions.

The characters appear to have come from more than one state’s license plate(s). For example, the idiosyncratic R and S in the uppercase keyboard positions look very similar to those used on Pennylvania’s plates, while the alternate versions under the lowercase keys come from elsewhere. Since the designer is Brazilian and located in his home country, it is possible some of the character models come from South American countries rather than the U.S., although the tall and narrow proportions of the letters suggest those of U.S. license plates.

To download this font:

Misprinted Type (original designer)

Download note: Once at the above link, look for the “Fonts” link in the upper portion of the page. Click on that, then on the subsequent page, look under “Freeware” for the Misproject link.

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