Numberplate France  |  2000–2004, Stephan Müller, commercial.

Numberplate France font specimen (full alphabet)

Font set contains: Two styles, a straight-cut version (shown above), plus an alternate version with slightly rounded corners to give more of an embossed look, although the effect is subtle.

About this typeface: The French font as replicated by Lineto appears to have been in use since the late 1990s, but exactly when is unclear to us. Prior to that, French license plates seem to have used a font similar to DIN 1451, but with more than one variant in use. (One common difference in these variants compared to DIN 1451 is a numeral 3 with flat top stroke and angled connecting stroke down to the main vertex.)

It may be there was/is no official font other than perhaps required character heights, widths, spacing, etc., similar to how Great Britain specifies those characteristics with only a general adherence to character shapes being required. (Additional information and/or corrections desired from those knowledgeable about French plates. Email us at: .)

Craigsplates, a maker of both road-legal and show plates for cars in the U.K., and who also create replicas of French and German plates, shows a different French font (PDF, 4K) that is in some ways similar to DIN 1451. (The numbers bear a strong resemblance though with some modifications.) However, in other ways it’s more similar to the British “Charles Wright 1935” font, in its use of short vertically upturned/ downturned strokes terminating many diagonal character strokes.

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