Numberplate Italy  |  2000–2004, Stephan Müller, commercial.

Numberplate Italy font specimen (full alphabet)

Font set contains: Two styles, a straight-cut version (shown above), plus an alternate version with slightly rounded corners to give more of an embossed look, although the effect is subtle.

About this typeface: A close replica of Italy’s number plate lettering in use since 1999. Apparently the letters I, O, Q, and U were dropped from Italy’s plate numbering scheme when the new font was instituted. The Q in Lineto’s Italian font here differs from that in Berionne and Kent’s version, likely due to designers’ discretion. The four characters are included in the fonts for the sake of completeness to facilitate general graphic design use.

Italy’s plates are based on DIN 1451 with some character changes. See our DIN 1451 page for additional notes.

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Lineto (original foundry)

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