Pennsylvania  |  2000, Christian Schwartz, commercial.

Pennsylvania Regular font specimen (full alphabet)

Font family contains: Four weights (Regular and italic plus Bold and italic) including lowercase, plus corresponding small-caps styles. Regular weight shown.

About this typeface: An award-winning young typeface designer with wide font design experience and acumen beyond his years, Pittsburgh resident Christian Schwartz based this typeface on the font used for the state of Pennsylvania’s license plates. The motivation was to create a monospaced typeface based on neither typewriters or computers, and suited for both text and display, something that had previously been rare or non-existent.

To the uppercase characters of the license plate font, Schwartz added a lowercase and extensive character set (added niceties very characteristic of Font Bureau type families). Corners are slightly rounded, suggesting the roller-coated look of inked characters on embossed auto plates, adding industrial authenticity.

Also see this comparison of Schwartz’s font with Keystone State, by Anuthin Wongsunkakon — also based on Pennsylvania’s license plate lettering.

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