SNV Extra Condensed  |  1972, designed by Verein Schweizer Straßenfachmänner foundry, distributed by URW, commercial.

SNV Extra Condensed font specimen (full alphabet)

Font family contains: Three weights — Regular, Regular Condensed, and shown above, Extra Condensed.

About this typeface: As with the SAA Series, this type family is part of URW’s Sign Collection. Fonts in the collection were presumably designed for either traffic signs or license plates or both, and are equivalent to those used by the Federal Highway Administration division of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. SNV has a somewhat more squarish design aesthetic than SAA. SNV’s squarish motif along with SAA’s more ovalized theme for curved shapes comprise the two basic font styles exhibited by most license plates in North America. One additional notable difference with SNV is its lowercase alphabet in addition to the uppercase, while SAA Series A is uppercase only.

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