Leeward Productions License Plate Guarantee

We stand behind our license plates.

Service life ratings

Plate materials. Durability will vary, of course, between aluminum and plastic license plates.

  • Aluminum, when anodized such as for license plate bla nks, by its nature does not rust or corrode, and will stand up to road salt and any other expected road conditions other than traffic accidents, freak accidents, malicious attempts to deface the tags, and so forth. Barring accident, the aluminum substrate should hold up for 10 years in normal conditions without significant deterioration. Resistance to potential bending from bumps and other impacts depends on the plate thickness and whether the edge is debossed, therefore specific ratings cannot be provided for this factor given the occurrence of unknown/ random events.
  • Plastic has a more limited lifetime, however we carry only polyethylene plates which, unlike polystyrene, will not turn yellow in response to the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight. Also unlike what may sometimes occur with polystyrene, barring mistreatment polyethylene will not crack under normal conditions such as cold weather. Life expectancy in serviceable condition for .055-gauge polyethylene is approximately 5 years, less for .035-gauge at about 2 to 3 years.

For further details on the above and for information on other materials such as overlaminates, see our price/features comparison chart and the individual product pages it links to.

Inks. The outdoor-grade screen-printing and industrial resin inks we use should maintain a first-class appearance without significant fading for 5 years. They should also remain impervious to normally encountered conditions, including inclement weather and car washes, for at least that long or longer before any significant degradation begins to occur. (Does not apply to stone-chipping, although our Atlas Duraplates™ come with a clear highway-grade vinyl overlaminate that helps protect against small-size gravel/ sand-pitting if occasional and not constant.) For industrial UV-cured inkjet, the non-fade rating is 3 years, and since these plates utilize a screen-printed, protective top clearcoat, weatherability other than fading should be as good as our screen-printed plates.


Examine your plates on receipt of shipment. We guarantee our plates against defects in workmanship if you report the problem within 30 days. Any defects that might affect your plates’ appearance or expected lifetime, if they occur, should be apparent upon receipt of your shipment. Otherwise you can expect the lifetimes quoted above, so examine your shipment soon after arrival to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

If there is an obvious problem with your order where more than a random tag or two is scratched or has some other issue, we will replace them. Problems with ink application are rare, and if they arise will invariably affect a range of plates, not just one or two.

Color expectations

Computer monitor color previews. We do our very best to meet customer expectations for color, and to communicate clearly about it. Keep in mind, however, that informal everyday color names are a bit subjective and thus susceptible to differing interpretations, though we do try to use common color names that everyone understands. Computer monitors can vary significantly in their presentation of color. While we attempt to see that the online license plate design preview we create for your approval is “in the ballpark” regarding color, it should be regarded as approximate only and not depended on for accurate color.

Matching color. For spot-color screen-printed plates (using separate individual colors), close color matches can be achieved only when you specify a Pantone Matching System (PMS) color number, or send us a physical item that shows the color you want. If you do furnish a PMS number or physical item, we then guarantee a reasonably close match or we will reprint. However, be aware that for outdoor inks used to print on aluminum or plastic, “reasonably close” does not mean exact. (Any honest printer will tell you that.) Because outdoor-grade silk-screen inks are aimed first and foremost at durability and fade-resistance, they use different pigments than those the Pantone system for inks printed on paper is based on, and do not follow the same mixing system. As a result, matching silk-screen ink colors to Pantone swatches is by nature somewhat inexact.

As always, we will do our very best, but for more about what to expect with screen-printed plates, see the question about color-matching on our FAQ page.

For full-color “photographic” plates produced with CMYK process-color printing (those that use the full color spectrum), color output is approximate rather than exact (again, as any printer will tell you), and Pantone color matches are not available. However, for our Atlas Duraplates™ process-color state-license-plate-grade plates, if you have concerns we can send an actual color press proof upon request for your review (fee applies beyond the first such proof), showing your artwork’s exact colors as they will be output. For other full-color plates, we can send an inkjet proof if you need more assurance. While this will not exactly duplicate the on-press colors, it will give a more accurate representation if your computer monitor seems to be significantly “off” in how it is displaying colors.

Getting satisfaction

Returning plates for order replacement. We do not require a Return Authorization number for you to send in defective plates for replacement. Simply call or email us within 30 days after receiving your order, and let us know what the problem is, take a photo of the issue and email it to us, or ship us a few representative plates. We will reimburse your cost to ship any returned plates (if that becomes necessary — usually a photo is adequate), plus reprint the defective tags at our expense on an expedited time schedule.

Discounts. Rare situations can arise where reprinting may not be necessary, or you may not desire it, in order for us to make good on your order to your satisfaction. In such cases we will work with you to arrive at a mutually agreeable discounted price to ensure that you are happy with the resolution.

Satisfaction guarantee. Our business depends on satisfied customers and we want you to be happy with your order. Whatever the situation, we will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction.