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Full-color effects noted in plate captions

Photo license plate designs by Leeward Productions

Blue Planet Energy Solutions license plate layout example

Painting of planet with airbrushed glow effect

Calvary Assembly of God (Orlando) car tag design sample

Sunset photo composited with photo of 3 crosses

Byng Schools Pirates (Boys) auto tag layout sample

Parchment texture background, multicolor pirate mascot

Stone Cross Church custom car tag design sample

Bas-relief stone cross photo

Bright Idea Consultants tag layout example

Light bulb photo plus orange halo around yellow lettering

Way of the Cross (Atlanta) digital photo license plate design

Sunset and cross

High-Gloss Polyethylene: First-Class Appearance

Plastic License Plates, Digital Full-Color, Custom-Designed Free

Item #40257: 12x6”, .055-Gauge Medium-Duty

Item #40277: 12x6”, .075-Gauge Heavy-Duty

Standard features

  • Designed free by our experienced designers in 3 business days, except when art is complex. Which means...
  • No fill-in-the-bla nk templates or limited do-it-yourself layout interface. Instead of shoehorning your organi­za­tion’s name or motto into predefined templates, or being forced to use a crude online design app that can’t deliver what you really want, what a relief to utilize the skills of our experienced designers. Tell us what you want, and they’ll turn your idea into something first-class, subject to your review and approval.
  • High-gloss, digital four-color process provides rich, vivid hues. The lustrous finish looks significantly better than cheaper types of UV-cured inkjet printing used by some competitors that produces a matte, grainy surface texture. Use any type of color blend or gradient, any photo, any “airbrushed” or Photoshop effect on your license plates.
  • Unusual high-gloss plastic finish that doesn’t look cheap. With a finish as glossy as aluminum tags, these plates project an appearance that’s a cut above common matte (non-gloss) plastic tags. Combined with a professional custom tag design provided free like those here, your plastic license plates can do their job without making you look cheap... whether used as a church or school fundraiser, as auto dealer tags, or as a promotional giveaway. Another LeewardPro bonus you won’t find just anywhere. Ask for your no-obligation sample.
  • Made of polyethylene — 2 to 3 times the life of polystyrene plates. Polyethylene holds up in better condition over its life than cheaply made polystyrene as well. Won’t yellow from cumulative time in the sun or grow brittle and potentially crack in cold weather with age like the latter. Look your best by avoiding this common issue with plastic license plates.
  • 2 to 3-year non-fade commercial-grade UV-cured inkjet printing. No method better combines economic cost with brilliant high-resolution production of full-color license plates in quantities of several hundred or less. Costs less than anything better, looks better than anything cheaper.
  • Outlasts common full-color plates printed using dye-sublimation inks (sometimes called “airbrushed” or “photo license plates”), which can begin fading within several months, even when nominal 5-year claims may be made.
  • Full-bleed printing at no additional charge.
  • No setup fees.

Why we carry only polyethylene plastic instead of cheaper polystyrene, as discussed in our “Aluminum vs. Plastic” article. (Short answer: polystyrene deteriorates quickly.)


  • Standard production time is 2–3 weeks once you’ve reviewed and approved your plate artwork.
  • Shipping time and cost are extra. See footer area of price chart for shipping weight, shipping point zip code, and carrier used when estimating shipping cost. Or we can figure the cost if you need an exact quote.

Extra-cost options

  • Rush turnaround available if room in our production schedule, for extra cost. (Contact us for additional amount — depends on circumstances.) Rush orders must be paid by credit or debit card.

Need to know more about our
full-color plastic license plates?

Feel free to call us with your questions about our custom photo license plates at 8 00-33 0-82 47, Mon.–Fri., 8:30–5:30 Central Standard Time. Or email us at . (Note the 125-tag minimum order for our process-color plastic plates before contacting us.)


Comparing pricing of polyethylene vs. polystyrene: Prices significantly lower than what you see here are typically an indicator of polystyrene (a.k.a. “styrene,” for short), which can yellow, crack, and curl after just a few months of outdoor exposure. We sell only polyethylene. More info.

$50 order discount for print-ready art supplied in Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) format using our tag template, and that follows our artwork requirements.

Same discount for reorders that reuse identical plate artwork. No time limit, art kept permanently.

#40257 PRICING
per .055-ga. 12x6” polyethylene plate

For Item #40277 — See 2nd chart below
Minimum Order Qty: 125


(Each Tag)

125 $4.12
250 $3.63
300 $3.48
400 $3.22
500 $3.03
750 $2.76
1,000 $2.53
1,500 $2.41
2,000 $2.21
2,500 $2.19
5,000 $2.13
10,000 $2.08
Shipping cost is extra. Shipping weight is 15.9 lbs. per 100 plates. Ships from zip code 33713 via FedEx Ground.

#40277 PRICING
per .075-ga. 12x6” polyethylene plate

Minimum Order Qty: 125


(Each Tag)

125 $4.91
250 $4.17
300 $4.03
400 $3.82
500 $3.51
750 $3.28
1,000 $2.99
1,500 $2.91
2,000 $2.68
2,500 $2.66
5,000 $2.57
10,000 $2.52
Shipping cost is extra. Shipping weight is 21.7 lbs. per 100 plates. Ships from zip code 33713 via FedEx Ground.

Sales tax: Not charged for states outside Kansas and Florida. KS and FL residents other than nonprofits add the state sales tax, plus your applicable local (city and/or county) rate. For nonprofits, an exemption form is required for us to waive tax, which we’ll ask you to furnish.

We can expedite shipping using faster delivery methods at FedEx’s usual rates for those services. However, even plastic license plates are weighty in the quantities sold here, and non-Ground shipping costs considerably more, so we recommend planning ahead.

We do not profit on shipping, and pass through only FedEx’s rates as charged to us, plus our packing materials cost. Included in the shipping rates above is a small but mandatory FedEx insurance fee to cover reprinting your order in the event of a lost or damaged shipment.

Prices subject to change without notice. If there has been any change, we will notify you when you first contact us about an order.