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Plate designs by Leeward Productions

River Branch, Greenville aluminum tag design sample

2 ink colors:
Forest Green and Yellow-Gold on white plate

Cornerstone Revival Center plate design sample

2 ink colors:
Maroon and Metallic Gold on white plate

Transportation South (Pelham, AL) tag layout example

2 ink colors:
Black and Medium Yellow-Gold on white plate

Verizon Construction aluminum plate layout sample

2 ink colors:
Red and Black on white plate

Blast Soccer Club tag layout sample

4 ink colors:
Black, Forest Green, Orange, and Yellow on white plate

Mill Branch Baptist Church tag layout sample

1 ink color:
Purple on white plate

Longboat Key, Florida tag design example

1 ink color:
Emerald on white plate

Army National Guard Warrior Training Center plate layout example

3 ink colors:
Metallic Silver, Yellow, and White Undercoat on black plate

Custom Aluminum License Plates, Screen-Printed, Designed Free

Flat Aluminum, White Bla nks and Background Color Only

Item #40124: 12x6”, Spot-Color

Note: “Spot-color” is the least expensive volume-printing method, using separate individual colors rather than the full color spectrum.

For black aluminum tags, see item #40031 embossed aluminum plates. These can be printed flat on request.

Standard features

  • Designed free by our experienced designers in 3 business days, except when art is complex. Which means...
  • No canned designs or crude online layout interface where you must choose from just a few layouts, or are forced to design your own tags with only limited tools. Instead, our layout designers will tailor a design for your organization based on your suggestions. Even starting from no idea at all if you can’t think of one. Or, they can begin from any layout on our website making modifications as needed, or reproduce your previous tag design exactly as is. (Even if you can’t find your logo artwork or only have a picture.)
  • Long-lasting, high-gloss, rustproof aluminum plates, .024-gauge.
  • Screen-printed with 3 to 5-year non-fade inks. Despite challenges from other competing ink technologies today, screen-printing remains the yardstick against which the rest are judged. Make sure you get either screen-printed or industrial-resin plates for longest life.
  • Select from 15 standard colors (color chart).
  • No setup fees.

More details about our screen-printed auto tags.


  • Standard production time is 2–3 weeks once you’ve reviewed and approved your plate artwork.
  • Shipping time and cost are extra. See footer area of price chart for shipping weight, shipping point zip code, and carrier used when estimating shipping cost. Or we can figure the cost if you need an exact quote.

Extra-cost options

  • Custom/ PMS color match available for $25 extra each. More details including color chart.
  • Black plate bla nks. For extra amount, see note at bottom of price chart at right.
  • Most colored inks on black plates require a white undercoat to prevent show-through of the black tag surface, which adds one ink color to the cost if white ink is not already in play. (This is standard practice in the screen-printing industry — including T-shirt printing as well — when printing on dark materials.) Exceptions: White ink itself, and metallic gold, silver, and bronze inks are more opaque and do not require an undercoat.
  • Rush turnaround available if room in our production schedule, for extra cost. (Contact us for additional amount — depends on circumstances.) Rush orders must be paid by credit or debit card.

How to count the number
of ink colors

Does white or black count toward the number of ink colors? Black counts as an ink color on white plates but not on black plates, since on black plates, the color of the plate surface itself is used for black areas instead of ink. With white as a color, the situation is just the reverse: White counts as an ink color on black plates but not on white plates.

Background colors other than white or black are achieved by printing a flood of colored ink on white tag stock, with a 3/16” outer white border (required for tag gripper edge). In these cases, the background color counts as an ink color, but do not count white lettering or artwork that’s “reversed out” of the background color. (“Reversed out” means areas where the plate surface is unprinted so the plate substrate color forms the letter shapes or artwork.)

Questions about our
aluminum auto tags?

Feel free to call us with your questions about our custom license plates at 8 00-33 0-82 47, Mon.–Fri., 8:30–5:30 Central Standard Time. Or email us at . (Note our 125-tag minimum order for these plates.)


$50 order discount for print-ready art supplied in Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) format using our tag template, and that follows our artwork requirements.

Same discount for reorders that reuse identical plate artwork. No time limit, art kept permanently.

Spot-color vs. full-color pricing: Pricing is shown for up to 3 spot colors, beyond which full-color printing is often required — see far-right chart column. We can print additional spot colors, however, as needed. To save you money, we can convert full-color artwork to spot-color if the style of art would lend itself to that.

#40124 PRICING
per .024-ga. 12x6” aluminum plate

White bla nks & background color only
Minimum Order Qty: 125

1 2 3
125 $3.97 $4.77 $5.58
250 $2.68 $3.19 $3.71
300 $2.58 $3.07 $3.56
400 $2.42 $2.87 $3.32
500 $2.14 $2.47 $2.79
750 $2.04 $2.34 $2.65
1,000 $1.88 $2.11 $2.33
1,500 $1.84 $2.04 $2.25
2,000 $1.81 $2.00 $2.20
2,500 $1.79 $1.97 $2.15
5,000 $1.70 $1.87 $2.03
10,000 $1.66 $1.82 $1.99
  • Inquire for spot-color pricing beyond 3 ink colors. Or, extrapolating from the chart should get you within a penny or two per plate.
  • Shipping cost is extra. Shipping weight is 17.7 lbs. per 100 plates. Ships from zip code 33713 via FedEx Ground.

Sales tax: Not charged for states outside Kansas and Florida. KS and FL residents other than nonprofits add the state sales tax, plus your applicable local (city and/or county) rate. For nonprofits, an exemption form is required for us to waive tax, which we’ll ask you to furnish.

We can expedite shipping using faster delivery methods at FedEx’s usual rates for those services. However, aluminum plates are heavy and non-Ground shipping costs considerably more, so we recommend planning ahead.

We do not profit on shipping, and pass through only FedEx’s rates as charged to us, plus our packing materials cost. Included in the shipping rates above is a small but mandatory FedEx insurance fee to cover reprinting your order in the event of a lost or damaged shipment.

Prices subject to change without notice. If there has been any change, we will notify you when you first contact us about an order.